Reaction Cells


Ultrasonic Processing System Maintenance

The long term operational success of an ultrasonic processing installation is dependent upon the preventative maintenance available. Our systems require minimal maintenance for effective operation. Actual system maintenance required is dependent on the system and installation complexity.


Operational Maintenance
The ongoing operational maintenance program requires that the ultrasonic reactor is cleaned in accordance to industry requirements. We offer quick-clean systems for programs requiring daily internal cleaning maintenance to fully welded systems that are built never to be serviced.


Preventative Maintenance Programs
The preventative maintenance program requires that the designed cooling system(s) is (are) maintained. 99% of all system failures are due to adequate cooling. Both generators and transducers have temperature operating parameters that need to be kept under control at all times.

Our required PM program consists of air filter maintenance, constant water flow maintained, and the lubrication of electric motors. We can install high temperature alarms & cutoffs. However, be assured  system performance will be compromised. The most desirable aspect of our equipment is that every component  is completely rebuildable should a mishap occur.



June 30, 2006