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Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Hardware Packaging

The (3) electrical assemblies described in the Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Construction Details Section need to be placed inside a protected environment. The long term operational success of an ultrasonic processing installation is dependent upon how the electrical components are packaged and protected.

The features listed below covers the majority of the installation requirements. Various features can be installed into your system to maximize installation success. We have found that our systems built with the proper packaging methods will operate year-after-year with predictable performance.


Electrical Enclosures
The ultrasonic generator module(s) is (are) mounted inside an electrical enclosure to protect  your personnel and our electronics. The enclosure contains the ultrasonic generators, system control circuits, and ancillary electronic & electrical hardware. We offer several different types of enclosures to accommodate the requirements of the installation site.

The majority of our systems are built with either NEMA-1, NEMA-4 or NEMA-12 generator/electrical enclosures, (IP20, IP66 or IP55, respectively). The actual enclosure rating is determined by the cooling method used for cooling the electronics located within. We offer ambient air cooling, water cooling coils or refrigerated cabinet coolers for total environmental isolation.

Small ultrasonic systems typically have the generator mounted inside a table-top cabinet. We also offer wall-mount and floor mounted enclosures for our multiple generator systems. The properly rated enclosure will effectively protect personnel and isolate environmental hazards from our sensitive electronic components.


CE Compliant Systems.
Most of our Ultrasonic Processing Products can be packaged for export to Europe. We build our systems with IEC/EC wiring methodologies and components to simplify equipment familiarity and service.


Sound Abatement Enclosures
Our Sound Abatement Technology allows us to build high-power Ultrasonic Reactors and meet local sound/noise requirements. We offer several different styles of enclosures for our diversified product line. The Sound Enclosure may by equipped with quick-assess hinged doors, utility panels, ancillary hardware and/or devices. We can easily customize an enclosure to match your installation requirements, conveyance line locations and safety concerns.


Water Cooled Transducers
We can equip our ultrasonic hardware with transducers which are wired with a sealed electrical package. The sealed electrical package is our preferred wiring method for wet and hostile dust installation environments. There are no exposed electrical terminals or junctions that could create electrical shorts and compromise reliability. The sealed electrical package on some systems can be operated dry without compromising system performance.


Water Cooled Reactors
We offer several methods to control the temperature for our ultrasonic reactors. These include: Temperature Control Reactors, Thermal Controlled Core Reactors, or our Liquid Twin Diaphragm Plates.


Explosion-proof Equipment
We can build our ultrasonic hardware to meet your explosion-proof installation requirements. Some of our ultrasonic products are explosion-proof due to system design and packaging methodologies. We prefer to air/gas purge our large flat plate resonators to assure absolute protection and to maximize acoustic performance.

If the installation site requires this degree of protection, we will be glad to discuss the engineering details for your system.



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