Applications for Ultrasonic Processing


  • Acoustically Activated Electrolytic Reaction Cells

  • Aluminum Casting and Melt Processing

  • Ballast Water Treatment

  • Cell, Bacteria and Microbe Destruction

  • Ceramic Slip Processing

  • Clarifier Performance Enhancement

  • Coagulation of Suspended Particles/Material

  • Coal and Ash Separating and Cleaning

  • Decontamination of Resin Beds

  • Defoaming Treatment

  • Degasification

  • Desolved Gas Removal

  • Emulsification Processing

  • Enhancement of Extraction Kinetics

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Fine Particle Deagglomeration and Nanodispersion

  • Fluxless Soldering and Tinning

  • Food Processing

  • Hazardous Waste Treatment

  • Leaching Treatment

  • Micro Mixing and Liquid/Solid Dispersions

  • Microencapsulation

  • Mineral Processing, Extraction and Recovery

  • Nanodispersion Processing

  • O3, H2O2, UV with Ultrasonic Oxidation

  • Particulate Filtration

  • Particle Pre-Wetting, Dispersion and Reduction

  • Pigment Mixing and Dispersion

  • Soil Washing and Processing Requirements

  • Sonochemical and Ultrasonic Processing

  • Sonochemically Enhanced Enzymatic Treatment

  • Sonocrystallization

  • Textile Processing, Dye Impregnation

  • Treatment of Wastewater Organics

  • Ultrasonically Enhanced Precipitation Requirements

  • Ultrasonic Impregnation and Surface Wetting

  • Ultrasonic Mixing

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Waste Minimization


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July 8, 2006