Applications Laboratory

Our Applications Laboratory is available for conducting brief technical research to qualify a process or an Ultrasonic Reactor. Our Lab is equipped with a variety of ultrasonic and sonic hardware. We have systems representing each product group offering a wide range of ultrasonic treatment capabilities.


Molten Metal Applications Lab

Our Metals Laboratory allows us to ultrasonically treat material under high temperature conditions. We can use either a Soldering Pot or Power Probe to process your sample/material. We also offer the ability to tune-in your existing probe system under steady-state high temperature conditions.


Equipment Rental

Advanced Sonics maintains an inventory of Ultrasonic Reactors available for immediate shipment. Our equipment may be used for on-site research, pilot scale testing, short-term and/or long-term production installations. We are confident that our ultrasonic hardware will demonstrate the benefits derived from ultrasonically activating your processing operations.


Pilot Plant Trial Testing

Our Technical Center is equipped with a vast selection of equipment to demonstrate the processing potential of our Ultrasonic Processing Products. We can configure a temporary setup to simulate your processing situation in order to produce ultrasonically treated material. Our Pilot Scale Testing Program is ideal for establishing feasibility studies and/or the generation of numerous samples while controlling various conditions.


Off-Site Pilot Scale Testing 

We can make arrangements to conduct trial runs at your facility. We can use your hardware or bring a system with us. This service includes equipment delivery to your facility, conducting of experiments with an Application Engineer, generation of processed samples, and equipment return upon completion of experiments.


Process Development

We can assist your staff in developing a solution to a troublesome process. Our vast array of Ultrasonic Processing hardware is adaptable to almost every processing installation environment. Our consistent ultrasonic performance will reduce off-spec material while increasing production throughput and product quality.


Technical Consulting

Advanced Sonic Processing offers our technical expertise for brief consulting contracts. Our skills are available for process and hardware design, equipment engineering, and evaluating the effectiveness of other ultrasonic devices. Contact our Sales Department if you wish to discuss your project details.


Service & Spare Parts

Our Ultrasonic Processing Equipment rarely requires service. Upon notification, our goal is to have a new part or subassembly in your hands within 24 hours. If you require immediate service, call us at: 203 266 4440.

If your Ultrasonic System must remain fully operational, we recommend a small inventory of spare components to be kept on-site. Please contact us regarding your particular requirements.





July 8, 2002