Our Mission 

We believe that ultrasonic energy has vastly improved the quality of life for humanity. Advanced Sonic Processing's mission is to maintain the forefront position for the advancement of ultrasonic processing methodologies. We are convinced that our engineered systems will provide the performance required to elevate the science of ultrasonic processing and acoustically driven chemical and physical reactions.


Warranty Statement

Warranty Statement for Systems with Magnetostrictive Transducers.

The Transducer-to-Reactor silver-brazed bonds and magnetostrictive transducers are warranted by Advanced Sonics, LLC not to separate, crack, or degrade in any way under normal conditions of handling and use by the original purchaser for ten (10) years.

In addition, Advanced Sonic Processing Systems provides a one year warranty to the original purchaser on all our fabricated materials and workmanship. Purchased components are warranted to the full extent by their manufacturer.

Advanced Sonic Processing accepts the responsibility of repairing or replacing, at our factory, any part or parts which do not conform to above warranties when the unit is returned prepaid. In no event shall Advanced Sonics, LLC be liable for consequential damages for failure of any equipment to perform.

Warranty Statement for Systems with ElectrostrictiveTransducers.

The Warranty period for our Electrostrictive Transducerized systems varies dependent upon: installation factors, processing conditions, and hardware design criteria. Contact Advanced Sonic Processing for the warranty period applicable to the specific reactor in question.


Confidentiality Statement

Advanced Sonic Processing maintains strict standards for preserving the proprietary information provided. Details associated with our customer's processing methodologies and techniques are completely confidential and secure. Our ability to optimize your Ultrasonic Processing Hardware is dependent upon the information supplied to Advanced Sonics and the trust established between us.


Copyright Statement

The material on this web site, is the copyright () property of Advanced Sonics LLC , also referred to as Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.  It may be downloaded for your personal use. The material may not otherwise be copied, stored, retransmitted or reproduced without prior written permission from Advanced Sonics, (except for the inclusion of brief quotations within a review).

Advanced Sonics LLC is constantly striving to improve our products. Every effort is made to represent our products and services accurately. The technical data and specifications referred to in this web site is for information purposes only. Updated information is available by contacting Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.





July 8, 2002