Ultrasonic Troughs

The Ultrasonic Trough Equipment Series offers the ability to scale the process up into large-volume high-throughput system. The Ultrasonic Trough provides an intermediate power level when compared to our Dual-Frequency Reactors. We also offer Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Troughs to maximize the reaction kinetics and increase treated volume throughput.




The UT-3216 Ultrasonic Trough is a 2000 Watt Module.  These ultrasonic generators are mounted in a NEMA-12 electrical enclosure.



The Ultrasonic Trough, M/N: UT-4808 complete with Header Box and a (2) Port Discharge Chute.






The Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Trough™ Overview
The benefits delivered by our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology
can be integrated into the Ultrasonic Trough.  This combination
creates a powerful system with tremendous processing flexibility.
A 16 kHz Immersible placed within this Trough converts the system
into a Dual-Frequency Reactor.  The process solution flows between
the two ultrasonic plates maximizing reaction kinetics within the 
linear space allotted.


Modular Design
The Ultrasonic Trough design enables several unique style modules to be
combined, optimizing system performance.  The system will sonicate,
mix, clean, degas or separate various types of feedstock.  The style of 
the header box and discharge chute influence the performance obtained
from the acoustically treated material.

Expandable to Accommodate your Growth
Multiple Troughs may be attached end-to-end to deliver the required
ultrasonic exposure time and throughput capacity.  The overall length is 
determined by the residence time required for effective treatment.
As your production requirements increase, additional Troughs can be
clamped together to deliver the required capacity.

Dual-Frequency  Troughs
Incorporating our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology can significantly
improve the Trough's processing capabilities.  This technique creates
a uniformly energized cavity that sonicates all particles passing through.
The Dual-Frequency Ultrasonic Trough transfers intense ultrasonic
energy to accelerate the hydrodynamics of the process solution.
Our Dual-Frequency Processing Technology delivers unsurpassed reaction
enhancement to your operation.

Header Box Modules
Various Header Box modules are available for the Ultrasonic Trough.
The Header Box is used to uniformly distribute the process solution/slurry,
across the width of the Trough.  The Header Box style is determined by
the system's intended use and the physical properties of the process
solution.  The system can be configured to ultrasonically treat high solid
slurries with additives introduced and mixed within the Header Box.
Downstream ultrasonic energy aids in polishing the final dispersion.

Flushing Modules
The Flushing Module facilitates the flow of heavy material.  Clean wash
solution is sparged through the flushing manifold to assist in particle rinsing.

Discharge Chute Modules
The treated process solution passes through the Discharge Chute to the
next operation.  Single, double or triplet outlet modules provide separating
capabilities for the processed material.  The heavy material can be
separated from the wash solution while foam is skimmed from the liquid's


Some Treatable Materials and Processes Include:

  • Sonochemical Reactions, Heterogeneous & Homogeneous
  • Encapsulating Film Removal for Catalysis Reactivation
  • Washing Filter Cake for Contaminant Removal
  • Impregnation of Fabrics and Paper Products
  • Soil Washing of Fine Grainy Soil Matrix
  • Washing Agricultural Produce
  • Degasification of Liquids
  • Sonocatalysis Reactions
  • Extractions



January 26, 2007