The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot

The Ultrasonic Solder Pot is a self contained soldering system.  The high-powered ultrasonic tank provides rapid removal of surface oxides located on the immersed component. Intense cavitation implosions etch through surface oxides exposing a layer of clean base material.  The soldering alloy rapidly wets the clean surface providing a uniform bond with superior performance.


Benefits provided by Ultrasonic Soldering Include:

  • The ultrasonic energy micro-etches the substrate providing more
    tooth and increased bond strengths.
  • Micro-etching action is accomplished in seconds.
  • The soldering alloy's relative viscosity is reduced when acoustically
  • The soldering alloy rapidly wets the clean surface providing a
    uniform bond with superior performance.
  • The ultrasonic energy draws the solder into the pores of the
    immersed item.
  • Uniform wetting without the use of a soldering flux.
  • Postsoldering cleaning eliminated.


Ultrasonic Soldering maximizes the effectiveness of many joint designs. Sometimes flux is necessary due to the base materials chosen.  Ultrasonic Soldering allows for a reduction in the chemical strength of the required flux while improving overall performance.

Wide range of melt temperatures available.
Wide range of soldering alloys available.
Open top operation.
Consistent and uniform results.

Ultrasonic Soldering Equipment


The USP-2 is ideal for soldering delicate components.
This 2" diameter Pot has a 130ml volume and can operate
continuously up to 350C.  The insulated countertop minimizes 
the burn hazard while allowing immersion access.


The USP-906 is a tough production soldering system for
demanding installations.  This 2.6l tank has a 9" x 6" opening.
The soldering system is activated by 600 Watts of ultrasonic
power.  The 2kW inconel heaters provide quick warm-up times
and high loading capacity capabilities.  The USP-906 works well 
with high temperature processing.



The USP-3605R is a round bottom soldering vessel.
The circular cross-section focuses ultrasonic energy 
into the center of the molten bath. Upon immersion, the
concentration of ultrasonic energy accelerates oxide removal.
The immersed item is uniformly wetted with an intermetallic
bond between the base material and the soldering alloy.




   The USP-3605R  shown with the enclosure.




        The Magnetostrictive Transducer is a permanent 
        resonating structure. This silver-brazed assembly
        delivers concise continuous performance.  The metallic
        transducer assembly never needs replacement.  The 
        electrical coils may be easily replaced if ever overheated.



Our Transducer Assembly is permanently attached.  The transducer is silver-brazed to the transmission stub and the stub is fully welded to the Soldering Pot's tank bottom.  This solid one-piece construction offers the highest acoustical efficiency available.  The transfer of power from the transducer to the soldering alloy is maximized and permanent.  Our confidence in this system is backed by our 10 Year Transducer Warranty.


The High-Limit Temperature Controller monitors a dedicated immersed thermocouple on larger systems.  The High-Limit Temperature system is completely independent of the primary heat control system.



We offer a variety of methods to acoustically activate molten metals. Another popular method is to immerse a Power Probe's Wear-Tip directly into the molten material.  The ultrasonic energy will remove dissolved gases and enhance grain structure refinement.  The Permendur Power Probe offers the ability to acoustically activate molten metals in continuous or batch casting operations.


The USP open top design allows the operator to insert the component directly into the acoustically energized soldering alloy.  The molten alloy couples the acoustic energy to the immersed object.  Within seconds, the component is uniformly wetted and ready to be withdrawn.


Standard Features for the Ultrasonic Soldering Pot:
Silver-Brazed Magnetostrictive Transducer(s) with
welded transmission stubs.
Transducer Cooling Blower with interlocking controls.
Large Surface Area Heaters for efficient operation
1" Thick Ceramic Insulation with stainless steel insulation covers.
Working Temperature: to 500C (dependent upon model number).
Wetted Surfaces: 316L Stainless Steel.

Ultrasonic Generator Specifications:
Variable Ultrasonic Power (0% to 100%).
Ultrasonic Energy Power Meter.
Frequency Adjustment with Digital Display.
Digital Ultrasonic ON Timer.
Manual/Automated Ultrasonic Control.
Automatic Ultrasonic Timer activation by footswitch or PLC.
Electrical Rating: NEMA-1 or NEMA-12, IP23 or IP52.
RFI Suppression.

Heat Control Cabinet Specifications:
Concise Proportional Temperature Controller with Digital Display.
High-limit Temperature Controller with Digital Display.
Primary Temperature Controller has an immersed thermocouple.
Independent High-Limit Controller thermocouple.

The Ultrasonic Soldering System Includes:
The Ultrasonic Soldering Pot.
Transducer Cooling System.
Ultrasonic Generator(s) mounted in a separate electrical enclosure.
Soldering Pot Heat Control System.

Optional Accessories Include:
High Temperature Operation.
Lip Vent Exhaust Manifold.
Inert Gas Blanket Manifold.



June 21, 2010