A magnetostrictive element is a transducer that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by fluctuating the intensity of a magnetic field. As the magnetic field's intensity increases, the internal strain within the element increases and produces linear motion. When the field's strength is reduced, the magnetostrictive element relaxes and returns to it's original length. This reversible process of stressing and relaxing the magnetostrictive transducer element can continue forever as long as the elastic limits of the base material are never exceeded.

The physical movement of the magnetostrictive element can be observed by listening to the 50 or 60 Hz hum/buzz emitted from power transformers. The power transformer actual vibrates at the line voltage frequency, thus generating a low frequency tone.

In power transformation applications, the magnet field is used to electrically isolate the source from the secondary windings. This electrical isolation eliminates the transmission of electrical noise from the primary/secondary windings. The unmatched reliability of our magnetostrictive transducer systems is assured due to the magnetic isolation of the process load from the ultrasonic generator.


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