Hexagon Reaction Vessels

Finally, the Ideal Non-Intrusive Ultrasonic Reactor with Magnetic Stirring, Heat and Cross-Flow Recirculation.

The Hexagon Reaction Vessel is a High-Powered Ultrasonic Tank which concentrates focused ultrasonic energy into the process solution. A beaker holding the process solution may be magnetically stirred while experiencing ultrasonic treatment (maximum beaker size is 4 liters).  The open top vessel is equipped with two apparatus support stands secured to the HRV's support stand. 




The Hexagon Reaction Vessel, M/N: HRV-6x32
The HRV open top design allows the researcher to insert specialized reaction cells directly into the acoustically energized solution. A coupling fluid will couple the acoustic energy within the tank to the immersed reaction cell. Laboratory glassware or beakers are effective in isolating the ultrasonically processed sample from the coupling fluid and ultrasonic drivers. This technique reduces the sample size and eliminates all forms of sample contamination.

The Reaction Vessel's temperature can be controlled by recirculating the coupling fluid. The gradual flow of fluid around the outside of the immersed beaker/reaction cell assures uniform temperature processing conditions. We also offer Temperature Controlled systems for applications requiring precise temperature control.




This Hexagon Reaction Vessel has an Internal Magnetic Stirrer Motor with a LED Stir Speed 
Digital Display, M/N: HRV-6x32-MS

Ultrasonic energy from the hexagon's six surfaces focuses high-intensity sound energy into the sample for effective treatment under mechanically agitated conditions. The HRV is activated by our Adjustable Power Control Generator with Sweep Frequency Operation. The high intensity cavitation zones within the sound field literally dance around as the operating frequency is quickly varied. The sweeping action moves the intense ultrasonic wave pattern back and forth. The ultrasonic sweep action in combination with sample agitation from our internal magnetic stirring motor delivers uniform treatment for the ultrasonically processed material.


Continuous Flow Reaction Cells

We also offer Continuous Flow Reaction Cells for immersion in the HRV's Reaction Chamber. Our Continuous Flow Reaction Cells may be inserted into the HRV for exploring the HRV's processing potential with batch & continuous flow operation. The HRV's Continuous Flow Reaction Cell is a long stainless steel serpentine coil. These cells are built with round tubing with both the inlet and outlet positioned above the HRV's countertop. CFRC Mounting Brackets are provided simplifying equipment setup.

Additional Customized Reaction Cells are available upon request, (please contact our Sales Department with your requirements).


HRV-6x32 Technical Specifications include:

Maximum Ultrasonic Power: 1,500 Watts at 20 kHz, (16 kHz or 25 kHz Optional)
Vessel Capacity: 1.23 U.S. Gallon, 4.7 Liters
Internal Dimensions: 7" across flats x 6.5" to overflow port, 8" total depth
HRV-6x32 External Dimensions: 16 " Diameter x 9 " high
Working Temperature: 10 F to 250 F; -10 C to 120 C
Working Pressure: Ambient
Wetted Surfaces: 316L Stainless Steel (Hastelloy Available)

HRV Cross-Flow Conveyance Line Connections:

Coupling/Heat Transfer Fluid Inlet: 1/4" MPT
Coupling/Heat Transfer Fluid Outlet: 1" OD Hose Barb Connection

APC Generator Specifications:

Maximum Ultrasonic Power: 1,500 Watts
Variable Ultrasonic Power (0% to 100%) with Ammeter
Sweep Frequency Operation with panel mounted Control
Enclosure Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 13" high (54 x 35 x 33cm high)
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 Amp Service; (220 VAC optional)
Generator Enclosure Electrical Rating: NEMA-1, IP23
Equipment Wired to NEC Specifications

Standard System Includes:

Hexagon Reaction Vessel/Tank
Adjustable Power Control Generator (APC)
Installation Kit

System Options:

HRV Internal Magnetic Stirrer, (MS Option)
Temperature Controlled Reactors, (TC Option)
Hexagon Reaction Vessel Heater, (HT Option)
Continuous Flow Reaction Cells
Specialized Immersion Reaction Cells
Vessel Drain Valve
Parts Cleaning Basket
NEMA-12 or NEMA-4X Generator Electrical Enclosures, IP55 or IP65
Remote System & Generator Performance Monitoring
Explosion Proof Packaging (Class 1, Division 1)
Sound Abatement Enclosures
Continuous Flow Hexagon Tube Reactor




March 2, 2010