Sonochemical Reaction Vessels™

Our Sonochemical Reaction Vessels are temperature controlled, high-powered ultrasonic tanks ideal for Sonochemical Reaction Investigations.  The system is effective for producing sonochemical reactions, extractions, organometallic synthesis, deagglomeration and accelerating processes with sluggish liquid/solid interface dynamics.



The SRV-54  is a very active, 1 gallon system with process temperature control capabilities.  The SRV is driven by a 600 Watt magnetostrictive transducer ar 20 kHz rated for continuous duty, (100% duty cycle).  The SRV's internal cooling manifold maintains constant temperature operation of the reaction vessel, (process solution).  The steady state operating temperature range for the SRV is -10° C to 120° C, (400°C optional).


The Sonochemical Reaction Vessel is a high-powered ultrasonic tank effective for producing sonochemical reactions. The SRV can be filled with either your process solution or a coupling fluid. Different process solutions may be used to optimize ultrasonically enhanced: extractions, organometallic synthesis, deagglomeration and processes with sluggish liquid/solid interface dynamics. The process solution may even be a detergent for cleaning your glassware or other soil removal applications.

The SRV open top design allows the researcher to insert specialized reaction cells directly into the acoustically energized solution. A coupling fluid transmits the acoustic energy within the tank to the immersed reaction cell. Laboratory glassware or beakers are effective in isolating the ultrasonically processed sample from the coupling fluid. This technique reduces the sample size required for each experiment when conducting broad scope investigations.



The SRV-140-HP-TC is a 7 gallon (27 liter) ultrasonic system with 2,000 Watts of power. This system is ideal for processing samples within a 2 liter beaker (Vessel Internal Dimensions: 11.8" x 11.8" x 14" deep, 30 cm x 30 cm x 35.5 cm deep).


The Sonochemical Reaction Vessel, SRV-160 is our 5 gallon, 2,000 Watt Reactor. This system has the Adjustable Power Control Generator fitted with Sweep Frequency Operation and Ultrasonic Pulsed Operation.

The typical Sonochemical Reaction Vessel System consists of (2) major system components: a Water-Cooled Reaction Vessel and an Ultrasonic Generator

SRV Standard Features Include:

Magnetostrictive Transducers are silver-brazed to the tank bottom
Transducers Rated for Continuous Operation with a 10-year warranty (100% Duty Cycle)
Thermal Control. Liquid Cooling provides stable Reactor temperature control
Table top operation or through-the-counter-top mounting
Stainless Steel Drain Valve

SRV Technical Specifications Include:

 Frequencies Available: Standard: 20 kHz; (Optional: 10 kHz, 12 kHz, 16 kHz, or 25 kHz)
 Working Temperature: -10EC to 120EC
 Wetted Surfaces: 316L Stainless Steel (Hastelloy® Available)
 Electrical Rating: NEMA-6 (IP67)

Ultrasonic Generator Specifications

Variable Ultrasonic Power (0% to 100%) with Ammeter
Automatic Ultrasonic Output Power Control Circuit (PCC)
Adjustable Frequency Control
Generator Enclosure Electrical Rating: NEMA-1 (IP21)

A Typical SRV System Includes:

Sonochemical Reaction Vessel (aka Processing Tank)
Ultrasonic Generator (APC)
External Cooling Inlet Manifold with In-Line Filter and Flow Valve

Typical SRV Options Include:

Custom Sized Sonochemical Reaction Vessels
Sweep Frequency Operation with manual adjustment (SFO)
Ultrasonic Pulsed Operation (UPO)
Explosion Proof SRVs and/or Generator Enclosures
Specialized Immersion Reaction Cells
Inlet and Overflow Tank Ports
Parts Cleaning Bask




May 25, 2006