Welcome to Advanced Sonic Processing Systems.  Advanced Sonics specializes in Sonic and 
Ultrasonic processing methodologies and equipment for the enhancement of chemical and physical reactions.  
We integrate Engineering, Art, Technology and Ultrasonics into a system optimized to meet your processing 
requirements and industrial conditions.  Feel free to explore our site or contact us directly.  We can match a 
system from one of our product lines to your particular processing requirements.

Please visit our sister site at www.advancedsonicprocessingsystems.com which is currently under construction.

Advanced Sonic Processing Systems
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Hexagon Reaction Vessel,                                  Sonochemical Reaction Vessel,          Ultrasonic Solder Pot
HRV-6x32-MS-TC                                               SRV-160                                           USP-2



Dual-Frequency Reaction Cell,              Ultrasonic Reaction Cell,                         Dual-Frequency Electro-Chemical Reaction Cell
DRC-4                                                 URC-4                                                   DRC-4-EC                                                 


100 kW Dual-Frequency Reactor, DFR-9624

Dual-Frequency Reactor, DFR-6016-EC 

Table of Contents



Ultrasonic Processing Systems and Hardware, Products by Name:

Clamp-On Pipe Reactors (CPR)
Custom Ultrasonic Reactors and Ultrasonic Processors
Mini Megasonic Drop-In-Transducer (DIT)
Dual-Frequency Reactors (DFR)
Hexagon Reaction Vessels (HRV)
Sonic Shoes (SS)
Sonochemical Reaction Vessels (SRV)
Ultrasonic Diaphragm Plates (UDP)
Ultrasonic Immersible Systems (UIS)
Ultrasonic Power Probes (UPP)
Ultrasonic Reaction Cells & Dual-Frequency Reaction Cells
Ultrasonic Slide Processor (USP)
Ultrasonic Soldering Pots (USP)
Ultrasonic Troughs (UT)
Vibrating Trays (VT)


Processing Methodologies and Hardware:
Reactor Construction Techniques
         Single Frequency Systems
            Dual-Frequency Systems
             Dual-Frequency Processing Technology
Dual-Frequency Spacers and Reaction Cells
        Continuous Flow Operation
                    Inline Spacers
                    Gas Sparged Reaction Cells (GSR)
                    Sparged Reaction Cells (SRC)
                    Ultrasonic Extraction Cells
                    Electro-Acoustical Reaction Cells
            Batch Operation
                    "U" Shaped Spacers
                    "V" Shaped Spacers
                    Open Top Shirts
            Customized Spacers
Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Construction Details
             Ultrasonic Generators (aka Power Supplies)
                     Fixed Power Systems
                     Variable Ultrasonic Power
            Generator Control Circuits 
                     Instant ON
                     Sweep Frequency Operations (SFO)
                     Ultrasonic Pulsed Operation (UPO)
            Ultrasonic Transducers 
                    Transducer Styles Available 
                            Zero-Spaced Lamination Transducers 
                            Window Lamination Transducers 
                           Spaced Lamination Transducers (CAM Technology)
                          Anodes, Cathodes and Electrode Plates
                                  Electro-Acoustical Reaction Cell
                                  Electro-Acoustical Extraction Cell
                                  Electro-Acoustical Membrane Cell
Ultrasonic Processing Equipment Hardware Packaging
            Electrical Enclosures
            CE Compliant Systems 
            Sound Abatement Enclosures 
            Water Cooled Transducers 
            Water Cooled Reactors 
            Explosion Proof Systems

Ultrasonic Processing System Maintenance
            Operational Maintenance for Ultrasonic Processors 
            Preventive Maintenance for Ultrasonic Processors


Applications Laboratory
Molten Metal Applications Lab
Equipment Rental
Pilot Plant Testing Program
Off-Site Pilot Scale Testing Program
Process Development
Technical Consulting
Service & Spare Parts

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Warranty Statement
Confidentiality Statement
Copyright Statement


Applications for Process Intensification
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June 23, 2010